Moonbug Entertainment: helping Gecko's Garage reach global audiences

We teamed up with Moonbug to provide dubbing in several languages for season 1 of Gecko’s Garage.


DWBO: helping German daycare centres welcome refugee children

We joined forces with DWBO to subtitle their animated daycare guide into the key languages spoken by the larger refugee communities in Berlin.


Warner Bros. Discovery: subtitling the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards for German audiences

We partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery to provide German subtitles for the awards show.



DreamWorks: dubbing and subtitling Fast & Furious Spy Racers

We teamed up with DreamWorks Animation to dub and subtitle the high-speed animated series Fast & Furious Spy Racers



Des: dubbing and subtitling the true-crime series

We teamed up with STARZ, to create multilingual versions of the hit TV series Des, a British true-crime drama about the infamous Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

PUBG Corporation


PUBG, Groza's POV: subtitling behind the scenes

We teamed up with PUBG Corporation, creator of the hugely successful battle royale video game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG), to subtitle a behind-the-scenes look at their characters’ famous “emotes”.

Adult Swim


Rick and Morty: dubbing interdimensional galactic adventures

We teamed up with WarnerMedia and Adult Swim on pop culture phenomenon Rick and Morty to provide the French Dubbing. For this season, YouTube influencers were invited to VSI Paris to give voice to a variety of zany characters.

Cloudco Entertainment


Holly Hobbie: a dubbing journey from Illinois to Paris

Cloudco Entertainment requested a French dubbing for the popular Hulu Original TV show and winner of the Canadian Screen Award for Best Fiction Series.



Movember: save a bro

We were happy to provide language support to MATTA's short video for Movember - the leading charity for men's health - transcreating their TV and radio scripts from English into Welsh.



Refinery29: sparking real conversation

We created multi-language subtitles for an engaging short film collaboration between Refinery 29 and Braun, discussing the importance of hair removal for many women.

Sony Pictures


Electric Dreams: a journey into the far reaches of imagination

We had a fun time working for Sony Pictures Entertainment, providing Russian lectoring, voice-over and subtitling for its film, Electric Dreams, based on the sci-fi novels of Philip K. Dick. 

Hipgnosis Limited


A journey through 50 years of rock: Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

We were delighted to translate and subtitle, in multiple languages, the screen material for ‘Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains’, one of the most iconic shows in the history of the V&A. 



La La Land: VSI Berlin subtitles the Oscar-winning film

Our Berlin team had a hard time resisting the urge to dance along to the Oscar-winning Hollywood musical, La La Land, while providing the German subtitles for this beautiful film.

National Geographic


National Geographic: VSI Berlin embarks on a journey to the unknown

Our team was tasked with creating the German version - a mix of lip-sync dubbing, voice-over and subtitles - for National Geographic's breathtaking mini-series, MARS.

Perspective Film Production


VSI London provide voice-overs for the Equator Initiative

We happily provided translations and voice-overs for 21 Equator Initiative films, covering the world’s foremost, as well as rarest, languages, from Amharic to Bahasa and Dari.

Sunset + Vine


Gillette World Sport: translation and voice-over

Gillette World Sport, a widely distributed sports television programme, asked us to supply translations and voice-overs in French, German, Spanish and Russian.



Discovery: giving voice to Lady Gucci’s side of the story

We joined forces with Discovery to record the English voice-over for the gripping documentary Lady Gucci: The Story of Patrizia Reggiani.



Netflix: voicing Life in Colour with David Attenborough

We joined forces with Netflix to provide voice-overs in multiple languages for its wildlife series, Life in Colour with David Attenborough.

Stadtmuseum Berlin Foundation


Stadtmuseum Berlin Foundation: translating Berlin’s best scavenger hunts

In collaboration with the Foundation, we created multilingual transcreations for their exciting scavenger hunt based around St. Nicholas’ Church.



4 Blocks: dubbing 3 seasons of the gangster drama

In collaboration with WarnerMedia, we created the dubbing and subtitling for the hit series, 4 Blocks, which follows the life of a Lebanese crime family and drug cartel in Berlin.



Patria: English dubbing through the ages

We partnered with HBO to localise this historical Spanish series that tells the tale of two women, living in the Basque Country, whose families are torn apart as a result of the armed and political conflict between Spain and ETA.

Amazon Prime Video


The Legend of El Cid: localising action-packed trailers

In collaboration with Amazon Prime Video, VSI localised trailers for their latest original hit series The Legend of El Cid, providing subtitles, audio conformance and graphics localisation.



WWF: supporting environmental awareness

WWF UK approached us to provide translation, subtitling and graphics localisation for several sets of short videos, each one highlighting a different environmental problem.



NET-A-PORTER: branded video solution

Within 24 hours, we were able to find just the right voice to provide voice-over in English for a branded NET-A-PORTER video that featured on their website and social channels.



Blue Planet II: a deeper understanding

After a 16-year break, the inimitable Blue Planet returned to our screens. We were pleased to have subtitled the series in multiple languages, and provide voice-over services in Turkish.

Hilow Films


VSI: helping to change the face of HIV

We were proud to work on a nationwide campaign to spread awareness about people living with HIV, by providing multi-language translations and voice-overs.

Flying Object


VSI subtitles YouTube campaign video in 46 languages

We provided translations and subtitles for the #OursToLose campaign in 46 languages, covering both major dialects and those less spoken like Thai, Kazakh and Macedonian.


VSI highlight the expanding capabilities of Google Search

Ironically, we provided language services for a film about language interpretation. To be specific, we subtitled a film highlighting the expanding capabilities of Google Search, into six languages.

Bayt Al Shawareb and Noor Pictures


Theeb, with subtitles by VSI, wins a BAFTA award

The BAFTA award-winning film, Theeb, was translated and subtitled in  English by our team, who made sure to accurately reflect the meaning and style of the Arabic dialogue.



Spiral: VSI London subtitles the hit police drama

When the critically acclaimed, French police drama, Spiral, returned to British screens for its fifth season, our team was happy to provide them with English subtitling services.

A Taste of Space


Cornetto: subtitling and voice-over

We had fun providing multi-language subtitles and voice-overs for the inventive short film, “Two Sides”, making sure to capture the casual tone and emotional drive of the storyline.



WildBrain: dubbing and subtitling Polly Pocket

We teamed up with WildBrain to provide multilingual dubbing and subtitles for season 3 of the adventurous Polly Pocket.



Globoplay: dubbing four seasons of the drama series The New Nurses

We teamed up with Globoplay to produce the Brazilian Portuguese dub of Danish series The New Nurses.



HBO Max: dubbing On the Spectrum

We partnered with HBO Max and Exceptional Minds to localise an Israeli series about three young adults with different types of autism, providing an English dub that was authentic and respectful to the autistic community. 

Salt Film


NHS Trust: remembering those we’ve lost

VSI were proud to partner with Salt Film providing subtitles for a mixture of poetry, songs and prayers on their tribute to the members of the NHS Trust, who sadly lost their lives.



Badoo: poetry in subtitles

Badoo tasked VSI with the creation of Spanish subtitles for their English promotional video, which centred around intersex people searching for and finding love online.

The Musée d'Orsay


Une Oeuvre, Un Regard: making art accessible 

The Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie approached VSI Paris to provide French and English subtitling for their art series, presenting a work of their choice from the collections of both museums.

Sesame Workshop


Sesame Workshop: teaching healthy habits

Sesame Workshop approached us to translate and proofread educational storybooks, comic books, songs and film scripts in 11 different languages.



OTRO: subtitling for sports fans

OTRO requested multi-language subtitling for their long-form premium football content, as well as short-form videos for general online and social media consumption.

Whisper Films


Flame Catchers: inspiring generations

Whisper Films asked us to provide English viewing and SDH subtitles for Flame Catchers, a series of short films about the positive effects that hosting Olympic Games has on future generations.



Under/Over: subtitling the celebs

We were excited to work with online giant VEON to translate and subtitle a new project called Under/Over, an interview series in which celebrities discuss the important topics of our time.

Alchemy VR


Munduruku: defending the heart of the Amazon 

For the launch of a VR exhibition containing the real sights, sounds and smells of the Amazon, we translated scripts and provided voice-overs in Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish.

Deeper Blue


Opel OnStar: luxury voice-overs

In order to promote Opel’s new and innovative Onstar personal assistant, we were asked to provide both male and female voice-overs in multiple languages for a series of online video clips.

Van Abbemuseum


The Van Abbemuseum: subtitling the new exhibition

During its 80th anniversary celebrations, one of Europe’s leading art museums asked us to provide multi-language translations and subtitles for their new exhibition.

World Press Photo


World Press Photo: capturing special moments with the help of subtitling

We were pleased to provide English subtitles for World Press Photo's annual photo competition coverage, translated from several languages like Mandarin, Arabic and Russian.



Oxfam: VSI London provides voice-overs to fight global poverty

We supplied voice-over services in French, Flemish and Brazilian Portuguese for the Even It Up worldwide campaign video, which promotes government awareness of inequality.

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