VSI subtitles YouTube campaign video in 46 languages


About the client

Established in 2013, Flying Object is a creative agency connecting brands to the ad-blocking generation. They create magnetic content, experiences and social media campaigns for brands. Their creatives have previously worked with Mother, Google and the Royal College of Art.

The project

Translation and Subtitling

Thai, Kazakh, Macedonian and 43 other languages

We were tasked with providing subtitles for a YouTube campaign video highlighting a noble cause that affects us all. The film, produced by UK-based creative agency, Flying Object, formed part of Google’s #OursToLose campaign, a movement designed to drive millions to sign a petition influencing world leaders to make climate change a top priority. The ultimate aim of the campaign is to achieve 100% 'clean’ energy worldwide by 2050.

Timed to coincide with the COP21 climate change conference held in Paris, the video featured top YouTube creators explaining their concerns about climate change. Each individual spoke passionately about their love for the planet and what we stand to lose if rising temperatures continue to go unchecked.

Our approach

We provided translations and subtitles for the video in 46 different languages, covering both the world’s major dialects and those less spoken, including Thai, Kazakh and Macedonian.

Our extensive database of over 2,500 verified translators and subtitlers ensured that even the rarest of languages was made accessible, with the entire project managed centrally by one of VSI London’s experienced subtitling project managers.


We're happy to support such an important initiative. Learn more about the #OursToLose campaign below.