Why clients trust us

The security of our clients’ content is of paramount importance to us. We take robust measures to ensure both physical and digital security throughout our entire supply chain and localisation process. When you place your trust in us, it is not only to provide you with the highest quality work, but also to treat your original source material with the utmost care.

From CCTV and perimeter monitoring, to detailed NDAs and studio security policies that are strictly adhered to at all times, our physical security controls guarantee your content is in the safest hands, accessible to only a select few employees with direct security clearance.  

Digital security goes hand-in-hand with IT management. By applying a combination of automated and manual system checks, such as regularly scheduled penetration testing and vulnerability scans, we are able to monitor, review and root out any potential risks. Whether it is confidential financial information, details of your project or the secure transport and storage of your assets, we ensure your content is fully protected.

Our dedicated team of security experts is there to safeguard your data, so that you have the freedom and peace of mind to focus on what really matters – the growth and success of your business.

Additional information

Quality standards

Quality is vital to our business because, as a service provider, our reputation is key. We are committed to continuous improvement and to complying with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015. Our Quality Management System provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance, addressing risks within the context of our organisation and allowing us to better safeguard the property of our clients.

We adhere to MPAA guidelines, and certify that our policies, security and governance are regularly reviewed and updated in line with MPAA, CDSA, industry standards and trends.

We have been audited for physical and digital security and approved by various clients and organisations. We are an accredited member of FACT. 

Security awareness

We take the security training of our employees seriously, providing them with a comprehensive security awareness program. Our employees are regularly kept up to date on various information security controls and potential associated risks, as well as corporate policies and procedures.