The heart of localisation

VSI is a privately owned, family-run company, founded in London in 1989 by Norman Dawood. From humble beginnings with a staff of three working from a small office, the VSI Group today employs more than 500 people across over 22 facilities in the world’s most vibrant media hubs. Our global organisation boasts cultural and linguistic diversity, with our innovative and passionate employees hailing from more than 50 countries.

Our organisation’s history dates back even further with Norman’s father, NJ Dawood. In 1958, he established Aradco – a specialist translation company, which shares our premises. In addition to founding our sister company, NJ Dawood translated Tales from the Thousand and One Nights and other literary works.

Norman has continued the family tradition of translation. From the early days of localising TV commercials, he led VSI into the digital era with the introduction of the first electronic subtitles for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Together, both father and son’s efforts have created a long-standing relationship with localisation dating back over half a century.