About us

Localisation with passion

Since 1989, we have been combining global reach with local expertise – adapting content for any audience, anywhere. Our intent is clear: always authentic, and always true to the original. As a privately-owned company, you can be sure of our complete focus and determination to help you realise your goals, however big they may be. We’re on this journey together.

Connected by a shared passion for language, our Group is a collaboration of over 700 people of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds from more than 50 countries worldwide. We use the latest technologies and industry practices to deliver services efficiently and at competitive rates. 

It is our people and long-standing industry experience that continue to drive our success. We are committed to agile ways of working, high-quality results and competent service, all done with a smile. Global reach and local expertise: this is the VSI difference.

Our core values


We do more than think about quality – we live it and learn from it. It has been our guiding principle and calling card for over 35 years. We match the right people with the right projects to deliver the very best service, standards, assurance and results. Clear, honest and regular communication runs through everything. Performance comes before price, always. We aim to exceed expectations by reflecting on our efforts and enhancing the quality of our services, as well as the experience we give our clients and partners. Because quality is not just a word, it’s an experience. 

Global outlook

We don’t just see the big localisation picture – we actively shape it. Our combination of global reach and local presence means we can relay any message across contexts, cultures and countries without losing original sentiment or brand personality. This is the VSI difference. We operate in over 50 countries across many disciplines, so we’re always close by and ready to take on any project. Our group is made up of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, allowing us to give content that global-yet-local edge.

Customer focus

The customer comes first. This simple phrase lies at the heart of everything we do. A new project is more than a business transaction – it’s an opportunity to start a dialogue, build a relationship and foster long-term partnership. To listen, understand client needs and deliver tailored workflows and services to meet exact requirements. This is why, for over 35 years, clients have come to us with extraordinary requests. We treat each one with the same level of attention and dedication. VSI is not a factory, but a trusted partner who listens and speaks your language.  


We only make promises that we can keep. This is how we successfully deliver on quality and time to every client. Direct accountability breeds trust. And at VSI, trust is one aspect that keeps our clients coming back. We disclose results with full transparency and invite all types of feedback so we can learn, grow and excel. An important part of this is face-to-face meetings with clients and partners. The ability to listen, understand and own the next move: this is what keeps us ahead of the rest.

From modest beginnings to a global operation

Our founder, Norman Dawood, has experienced the evolution of localisation first-hand: from TV commercials and print, to home entertainment and satellite broadcast, followed by the move into the streaming era. His vision and the support of our Group colleagues has made VSI a leader in its field. What was once a dream is now a global studio network spanning 25 territories, including many where we are the only international company operating. We invite you to see it for yourself.

Our History

Always close by

With over 35 years of experience, we are known as a pioneer in the language services industry. Today, we run 28 studios across the world and boast a strong network of trusted partners, expert linguists, dubbing and voice-over artists and audio-visual technicians.

VSI has a proven track record of innovating and shaping the localisation landscape in different territories. We continually expand our global presence to ensure we can meet your needs, whatever the budget or brief. Our service hits home, no matter where you are. 

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