Moonbug Entertainment: helping Gecko's Garage reach global audiences


About the client

Moonbug Entertainment creates and distributes fun and safe digital content for children. They are the creative force behind some of the most beloved kids' brands, including CoComelon, Blippi, Little Baby Bum, ARPO and My Magic Pet Morphle, producing valuable content that parents trust and kids love. Their shows are accessible on over 100 platforms worldwide. Having collaborated with them before, we were pleased to team up with them again for season 1 of Gecko’s Garage to bring Gecko and his friends to life in other languages.

The project


French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian

An animated edutainment series for pre-schoolers, Gecko’s Garage is set in a colourful world that’s jam-packed with friendly vehicles and helper robots. As well as learning about different vehicles, Gecko's Garage helps children’s basic cognitive development by teaching them about colours, shapes and numbers.

We understood that, as a digital-first kids’ entertainment agency, Moonbug Entertainment’s content needed to cross borders so children around the world can laugh and learn with Gecko and the mechanicals. Creating an experience that would resonate in new global markets, we set to work producing the dub and final mix into seven languages.

Our approach

Voices play a key part in the success of bringing content to new audiences. Finding the right tone for the localised versions of Gecko’s Garage helped to ensure a seamless learning experience and provide safe digital content that encourages healthy values whilst teaching fundamental life skills. Since dubbing requirements vary for each territory, understanding those differences was key to the overall success. With a global team of talented linguistic and technical experts on board, our local studios began localising the show.

Our dedicated project manager worked closely with Moonbug, from the initial planning through to final delivery. Working with skilled dubbing directors and creative talents, we determined the best vocal fits. Then, each version was recorded in-territory by our experienced in-house engineers, before being prepared at our London HQ and going through a final QC.

Working with a global view at a local level helped guarantee a dub that would resonate in its final markets, with the highest level of technical and creative quality. Enabling our clients to focus on what they do best – creating engaging content to entertain mass audiences worldwide.


We delivered the Gecko’s Garage series in all seven languages with the same enjoyable and meaningful experience as the English, each localised version appearing as though it were the original. Extra care was taken to make sure the learning experience and personalities would be preserved, so kids around the world could enjoy this educational series as it was intended.

We enjoyed working with Moonbug Entertainment on Gecko’s Garage and will continue to partner with them, ensuring creative consistency for future seasons.