Globoplay: Dubbing Four Seasons of the Drama Series The New Nurses


About the client

Globoplay is the largest video streaming platform founded in Brazil, providing free and exclusive content to subscribers, wherever they are. The service brings together Globo original content and Brazilian independent productions, with popular international films, series and exclusive programming available for online streaming only.

Globoplay is a full-service offering of their linear channels (Globoplay + Live Channels), which brings together cable channels including Multishow, GloboNews, SporTV, GNT, Viva, Gloob, Mais Na Tela, Studio Universal, SYFY, Canal and Futura, as well as TV Globo. VSI’s Vox Mundi teamed up with their long-term client to produce the Brazilian Portuguese dub of Danish series The New Nurses.

The project


Brazilian Portuguese

Set in a nursing school in the 1950s, Danish period drama The New Nurses tells the story of Denmark’s first classes for both male and female nurses. The TV series is based on factual events and explores the controversial teaching environment in post-World War II Denmark, during which the country experienced a shortage of nurses and men were subjected to prejudice and strict discipline.

Having first aired in 2018, The New Nurses’ gripping and moving storylines have been a hit with audiences, and the Danish original series is now in its fourth season. When Globoplay requested a Brazilian Portuguese dubbed version of the 45-minute episodes, VSI’s studio in São Paulo, Vox Mundi, began preparing the perfect dub.

Our approach

We worked alongside a small team of dubbing translators with experience in translating dialogue for historical content, to preserve the essence of the original show and accurately represent the time in which it was set (1950s). Well-versed in the language of post-World War II Denmark, the adapter then carefully checked that the language in the final scripts was relevant to the era in which the story played out, while ensuring that the dialogue was adapted for accurate lip-sync and that all sound effects had been included.

Working across all four seasons enabled us to ensure creative consistency, with the same talent delivering an authentic and believable experience that viewers could enjoy from start to finish.  


Our team fully immersed themselves in The New Nurses while dubbing all four seasons of the historical drama, and the cast successfully captured the characters’ personalities in the Brazilian Portuguese dub. After yet another successful project with Globoplay completed, we look forward to combining our expertise and ideas again on their next exciting dubbing production.