The Legend of El Cid: localising action-packed trailers


About the client

Amazon’s digital entertainment platform brings bold and innovative content to life, accessible in over 200 countries worldwide. Customers have their pick of gaming, music and VOD services, such as Amazon Video, Amazon Music and Amazon Game Studios. Investing heavily in their back catalogue, they offer thousands of movies and TV shows, including popular licensed and self-published content, plus critically acclaimed and award-winning Prime Originals. In collaboration with Amazon Prime Video, VSI localised trailers for their latest original hit series The Legend of El Cid.

The project

Graphics Localisation, Subtitling and Audio Post-Production 

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (LATAM & ES), Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese.  

Amazon tasked VSI with the creation of subtitles, audio conformance and graphics localisation for trailers promoting this exciting new series, which tells the story of Rodrigo “Ruy” Díaz de Vivar (aka El Cid), a Castilian nobleman and war hero in medieval Spain. As he loyally serves Sancho, the future king of Leon and Castilla, he traces his journey to determine his place within a complex monarchy. He finds himself entangled in a conspiracy to overthrow the King that will result in death, destruction and betrayal.

Our approach

The localisation process was managed by our centralised project management teams at our London HQ, working with various linguists on the translation of the content. Given the scope of the project, a number of different teams were involved in coordinating it and producing the final delivery. 

To originate separate graphics files for each language, our Creative department referred to the provided translations, adapting the captions, signs and other text-based images that existed within the original footage, into the various languages. Our expert sound engineers worked alongside them, extracting the relevant audio from the full-length episodes, before laying back and mixing it into the final trailer. This stage was completed for all eight languages. Lastly, our technicians burnt in the multilingual subtitles to each of the videos, all of which were given a final linguistic and technical QC before delivery to the client.


“VSI has been a fundamental partner to us when delivering a WW campaign as El Cid. They are agile, adaptable, have high standards for quality, and always demonstrate customer obsession. They have accompanied us in the process of producing localized assets with quite short-time frames and have delivered nothing than top-notch services. I highly recommend them!" 

  • Sara Beneroso Prats, Sr Brand Manager Spain, Prime Video

We had a great time collaborating with Amazon Prime Video on this project to deliver these multilingual trailers, working across our studios and teams to ensure the highest quality outcome. We look forward to our continued work on future projects.