NHS Trust: remembering those we’ve lost


About the client

Salt Film specialise in scouting and facilitating locations for the latest cinema releases, music videos and TV commercials. The company’s talented location managers stage events and photographic shoots, providing essential research, advisory and production services across the UK and beyond. Their 20-year experience includes projects for well-known clients, such as Nike, FIFA, Jaguar, Lloyds Bank, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis.

The project



VSI was proud to partner with Salt Film on their moving tribute to the members of the NHS Trust who sadly lost their lives during the pandemic. The film provided a revealing look at those on the front line in hospitals around the country, through a mixture of poetry song and prayer.

The 30-minute programme offered words and images of comfort and strength to staff, family and friends following the passing of five members of the NHS Trust: Elma Cavalida, Shashi Dhingra, Abdulkadir Mohamed, Patricia Pinnell and Erwin Spannagl. In addition to the memorial service, the footage showed dedicated and brave staff, in hospitals across North-west London, providing round-the-clock care and support for patients and one another.

Our approach

Moving poems, songs and prayers were shared in English, Arabic, Sanskrit, Hebrew and Punjabi, from the NHS Trust’s CEO, Chris Brown, nurses and chaplains.

Due to the sensitive nature of the programme and the important message imparted by the speakers, our subtitlers aimed to remain as faithful as possible to the source material. Although subtitling can often present certain constraints, our team was able to create accurate subtitles that would be accessible for all viewers, closely adapted from the client provided script while ensuring that the provided English script still matched the foreign language audio.


"I had the task of finding a company who could take a 30 minute film of the memorial service and subtitle it with the 5 different languages spoken during the service, in a fast turnaround time.  I hadn’t had to work with subtitlers & translators before, but the team at VSI were extremely helpful and clear in their communication with me so that I understood the process, the schedule and the price from the outset.  The final film was delivered back to me not only accurately titled and on budget, but ahead of schedule!  Thank you all very much".

  • Kate Woodhouse, Library Manager, Salt Film 

This project was truly a pleasure to work on and we are pleased that we could provide support on such a timely and impactful initiative. Our thoughts and appreciation go out to all who continue to work on the front lines during the fight against Covid-19.