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Reach out and resonate

We don’t all experience movies, TV shows and documentaries the same way. Over 2 billion people are hearing or visually impaired, worldwide, which calls for special care when producing content. Our range of multilingual access services makes every moment meaningful – for everyone.

VSI is a professional provider of SDH subtitles, audio description and sign language interpreting in multiple languages, as well as closed captioning. Our goal is to increase the accessibility and emotional impact of popular entertainment in every market, while adhering to strict industry guidelines, as well as local and international regulations. Our team of in-house, multilingual access service specialists takes a tailored approach to every project. No brief or budget is too demanding.

From full-length features to drama series, our clients stay in contact with one dedicated project manager throughout for transparency and speed. We also provide additional quality control processes, including extensive subtitling quality checks, audio quality assessments and a final review stage before final delivery. We couldn’t be more confident of our quality.

Our access services will amplify your message and connect your content with an even larger audience. It all starts here.



Our offer at a glance

  • More than 35 years of hands-on industry experience
  • Experts in SDH subtitles, audio description and sign language interpreting
  • A highly-skilled team of in-house, multilingual specialists
  • Familiar with the latest industry guidelines and global regulations
  • Additional levels of quality control available 

Widespread global reach

With 28 owned and operated studio facilities worldwide, in both established and emerging markets, you will have full access to all our wide array of resources. This includes our vast network of highly qualified linguists, skilled engineers and versatile acting talent.

Invested in solutions

As a privately held company, we are in a uniquely agile position to invest substantially in expanding our capabilities, building new facilities, implementing new technology and ensuring maximum content security. When working with us, you can rest assured your content is in the best hands.

Exceptional quality

Our 34-year track record speaks for itself. We have a wealth of industry knowledge and cultural insight while localising content for the entertainment sector, as well as top brands and institutions. Our high level of client satisfaction, multiple industry awards and ISO 9001:2015 certification are all a reflection of our unwavering commitment to quality.

See what we have to offer


Stay true to the original. Professional lip-sync dubbing that resonates with any audience.


Hit the right tone. Perfectly timed voice-overs crafted by expert writers, engineers and voice actors.


Share the story. Compelling subtitles in over 80 languages, created and delivered to strict quality standards.


Speak the language. Skilled in-house writers and qualified freelancers get your message across in style.


Maintain the meaning. Our copywriters adapt messages from one language to another without compromising on intent, style or tone.

Video Post-Production

Show the big picture. Our creative and post-production services help take your content to a whole new place.

Audio Post-Production

Say it with sound. Our audio engineers know how to direct a symphony of sound and deliver it in any format.

Media Processing

Deliver an experience. Our technical experts bring your content to life for any platform or device.

Access Services

Reach out and resonate. Our access services connect you with the hearing and visually impaired.

Client showcases


A journey through 50 years of rock: Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

We were delighted to translate and subtitle, in multiple languages, the screen material for ‘Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains’, one of the most iconic shows in the history of the V&A. 


Flame Catchers: inspiring generations

Whisper Films asked us to provide English viewing and SDH subtitles for Flame Catchers, a series of short films about the positive effects that hosting Olympic Games has on future generations.


VSI highlight the expanding capabilities of Google Search

Ironically, we provided language services for a film about language interpretation. To be specific, we subtitled a film highlighting the expanding capabilities of Google Search, into six languages.

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