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An eye for innovation

Innovation and investment have always been at the very heart of VSI Paris.

Originally founded as Chinkel SA in 1996, we were the first French studio to develop our own digital rythmo band software, Cappella, offering greater accuracy and faster turnarounds at a lower cost. Now more than 25 years on, we continue to invest in new technology and ideas, whether building new studios, upgrading to Dolby Atmos and UHD/4K or organising our infrastructure and workflows to meet our industry’s most stringent security requirements.

We joined the VSI family in 2003 and, with studios in both Paris and Belgium, we are today a leading supplier of dubbing and localisation services to the French market, delivering high-profile and high-volume content (series, films, animation, documentaries and more) for broadcast, VOD and theatrical release. Our audio post-production department caters to the needs of French original productions for both cinema and broadcast/VOD, while our multi-language department collaborates with more than 25 member and partner studios of the VSI Group, to deliver projects across more than 80 languages.

We maintain our own high-end facilities in both central Paris and Brussels, where we work with the leading creative and technical talent. This allows us to offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions, without sacrificing the high level of service and quality to which we aspire and which our clients demand.

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Our services

We offer the full range of localisation and audio post-production services, with an experienced and efficient team of project managers who ensure the technical and artistic quality, as well as on-time delivery, of every project we undertake.


The market for lip-sync dubbing is continually evolving…and so are we. To increase capacity, we have added studios, upgraded our infrastructure and expanded our production and technical teams. At the same time, we’ve adapted workflows to respond to tighter budgets, shorter turnarounds and final materials arriving ever-closer to delivery deadlines for high-profile simulcast and VOD delivery. Through it all, we keep a vigilant eye on both artistic and technical quality, ensuring that our French dubs truly respect and share the intent of the original version. 


With our in-house subtitling team and a large network of accomplished subtitlers, we ensure that the written word is as strong and relevant as the spoken. We faithfully respect the latest industry guidelines as well as specific client requirements, whether for VOD, traditional broadcast or theatrical release. We have on-site facilities for timing, translation, simulation and subtitle burn-in across all formats and standards, for both file and DCP delivery.

Video post-production

Our technical infrastructure supports the entire video production chain, from initial ingest/encoding/transcoding through to complete graphic adaptation and the creation of final air master files. We work across all formats and standards, supported by Adobe Premiere graphic software, Vantage automated workflow servers and Aspera file transfer software for secure high-speed reception and delivery.


We deliver a full range of documentary and reality programming. Whether a high-profile title for VOD or high-volume series for French broadcast, we satisfy the wide variety of styles and genres inherent to factual content. For greater efficiency, we have adapted our Cappella HD rythmo band software for voice-over recording, allowing us to increase capacity and meet ever-tighter deadlines without missing a beat. 

Access services

To help our clients fully engage with visually and hearing impaired viewers, we provide both CC/SDH subtitling and audio description. We collaborate with creative and technical talent who are not only highly experienced and passionate about their work, but who also understand local regulations and the expectations of the visually and hearing impaired communities.

Audio post-production

Through continual investment in new studios and new technology, we provide our clients with effective tools and a great working environment for editing, sound design, voice creation, ADR and final mix of their original productions. This includes studios designed and built to create the optimal acoustic experience, and equipped with Christie digital projection, JBL audio monitoring and Dolby Atmos for cinema and home entertainment. 

Our clients


Our studios

We have two locations in the heart of Paris. Our primary facility has 6 cutting-edge studios for broadcast and cinema, and a second facility offers 5 additional broadcast studios. In central Brussels we have 8 broadcast studios and maintain one of the largest dubbing operations in Belgium.

All of our studios are equipped with Cappella HD, the latest ProTools software, Avid S6 consoles, Neumann microphones, JBL audio monitoring and Source Connect for remote audio recording. We are equipped for Dolby Atmos Cinema and Home Entertainment mixing, as well as UHD/4K production. Our technical infrastructure is supported by Vantage automated workflow servers, Aspera Share file transfer software and regular investments to increase both server and high-speed internet capacity, as well as our overall security profile.

Our people

VSI Paris is home to some of the most experienced people in our industry. We have a passion for language and technology, with a keen understanding of the ever-evolving marketplace in which we work.   

Join our team

We’re always on the lookout for new team players. If you have a love of language and share our values – producing high quality work with a truly global reach – then contact us to learn more about our open roles. 

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