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A passion for Polish

Warsaw is among the newer members of VSI, having joined the group in 2018. However, we are, by no means, newcomers to the field of audio-visual language services. Originally established almost a decade ago, and having worked closely with VSI throughout those years, we have grown into one of Poland’s leading full-service providers of localisation.

Combining excellence with efficiency, we localise all genres of content for the Polish market. We work with clients in the VOD, broadcast, film, advertising, gaming and children's toy sectors, among others. Our core specialties include dubbing, lectoring, voice-over, subtitling and song localisation. In Poland, most live-action content is lectored (voiced-over with a single voice), rather than lip-synch dubbed or subtitled, and we have huge capacity for that.

On becoming part of VSI, we moved into a new, larger facility in the Wilanow district of Warsaw and as we expand, so, too, has our range of reliable translators, actors, directors and engineers.

What sets VSI Warsaw apart? You can trust us. We promote transparency in our client relationships. And we combine linguistic and visual artistry with constantly evolving technical expertise.

But don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself.

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Our services

After a decade of delivering quality services to our satisfied clientele, our work speaks for itself. Among the many services we provide, we specialise in dubbing, lectoring, voice-over, subtitling and songs localisation.


Exceptional dubbing goes unnoticed. It’s an art. An exercise in precision. A creative and technical challenge that can make or break a project in any market. And it’s a challenge we relish.

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We don’t all experience entertainment the same way: over 2 billion people are hearing or visually impaired. We make every moment meaningful – for everyone.

Video Post-Production

As the crowd gets bigger, the odds of standing out get smaller. This is the reality that businesses face. It’s not just about facts, but how they look, sound and feel. That's why we believe creativity is key.


Telling a story in a new language is a difficult task, especially if it’s in the form of subtitles. There’s a lot to consider: accuracy, timing, relevance and emotion. For us, it’s business as usual.


When it comes to storytelling, one thing is sure: what people hear is just as crucial as what they see. The right voice-over can elevate content to unforgettable status. And we know what it takes.

Our studios

VSI Warsaw features 4 state-of-the-art multi-purpose studios for lectoring, dubbing and singing. Each studio is equipped with high-end hardware and software, including Pro Tools.

Our people

VSI Warsaw comprises a strong team with wide-ranging talents and expertise. They are integral to helping us maintain the quality and efficiency of our work, and can fully support you throughout your localisation process.

Join our team

Interested in pursuing a career in localisation? Visit our careers page to see if we’re hiring.

VSI Warsaw

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T: +48 602 736015