VSI hires Scott Rose as CTO

The VSI Group announced that Scott Rose will assume the role of Group CTO having collaborated with the company in a consultancy capacity throughout 2023. This move to a full-time position is a natural continuation and testament to the commitment VSI has placed on enhancing its technology and automation throughout the localisation workflow. 


Rose has a distinguished track record in localisation, built over 28 years, and is a guiding voice in the industry. Formerly the CTO of SDI Media, where he drove the company's technology growth, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this next chapter of his career – helping to ensure efficiency, content security and the best possible client experience. He has worked with most of the major customers in the industry and his hallmark has always been to create solutions that work for the distinct localisation requirements of each one. Rose shared: "It is a banner moment in my career to join the VSI family and have the opportunity to share my experience with a company that has such a well-established reputation for delivering the highest level of quality and service in our industry". 

VSI CEO, Mark Howorth, comments: “I am extremely excited to have Scott join the VSI team. Technology will be a big part of the VSI story over the next few years, and there is no one better in our industry to lead that effort for us. What makes Scott special is his pragmatic approach to localisation tech. When he develops tech, he is always thinking about how it fits into a real workflow, where each day we process thousands of files. That is why customers and employees appreciate him. He is viewed not just as a big thinker but also as a problem solver”. 


VSI’s technology roadmap is ambitious and will take the company to the next level, so it is investing heavily. This includes major enhancements in project management, deployment of a cutting-edge MAM, increasing the implementation of machine-assisted subtitling and ensuring that VSI remains involved with the development of AI in relation to dubbing. VSI’s goal is to maintain its traditional high-quality output, but with faster turnarounds, making it increasingly easy for customers to work with them.  

Howorth continues, “I spent six years working with Scott in the past. I know his style and integrity are a perfect match with VSI and I look forward to seeing the impact he makes on our company going into 2024 and beyond”. 

Scott will be based in VSI’s Los Angeles office. 

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