VSI Amsterdam was established in 2001 and specialises in subtitling, text translation, dubbing and creative services.

Our in-house subtitlers and translators cater to the wishes of our clients while adhering to industry guidelines, taking both the intended message and the target audience into account. As is the case at all of VSI’s facilities, they are native speakers translating only into their mother tongue.

In 2015, VSI acquired a stake in the leading Dutch dubbing company WPP, thereby gaining access to 12 professional dubbing studios. WPP specialises in dubbing, voice-over and audio post-production of material that includes live action, animation, documentaries and games. It employs some of the best directors and technicians in the Netherlands.

Our Creative Services team was established in 2016. It goes beyond post-production, combining imagination with technical expertise to make your content rise above the competition. VSI Amsterdam’s Creative Services division specialises in promo/trailer creation, voice-overs, motion graphics and related services, with 4 additional studios and 2 edit suites.

VSI Amsterdam offers all the services, facilities and expertise needed to make any form of media content suitable for international markets.