VSI Vox Mundi supports increasing diversity in Brazilian dubbing

At a time when creators are increasingly focused on producing content that truly reflects the diversity of the world around them, it’s important for dubbing studios to do the same. In early 2021, São Paulo-based acting school Cia Dom Caixote launched a scholarship programme for 32 actors from low income, LGBTQIA+ and ethnically diverse communities. The goal: to support their move into the Brazilian dubbing industry.



Since their launch, the scholarships have proved hugely popular, attracting more than 800 applications. VSI Vox Mundi decided to support the programme, enabling the school to double the number of scholarships available.

The course combines online and in-person learning and is designed to provide a thorough grounding in the art of dubbing. It lasts six months and is delivered by experts with real experience of working in the industry, including one of the dubbing directors from VSI Vox Mundi. The students progress through three stages: obtaining theoretical knowledge; immersing themselves in the world of dubbing; and, for the final three months, getting hands-on, in-studio experience, enabling them to really hone their technique. Those who complete the course emerge with an extensive portfolio of work, as well as library samples they can send to potential clients. Some even start working during the course itself.


Increasing diversity in the Brazilian talent pool is a key focus for VSI Vox Mundi, making this a perfect initiative for us to support. But our involvement does not end there. We have already hired some of the graduates from the course for dubbing roles, so they are able to make immediate use of their skills.


Debora Arima, Managing Director of VSI Vox Mundi

“We are very proud to support Cia Dom Caixote’s First Steps of Dubbing scholarship programme so far and we intend to continue our support” says Debora Arima of VSI Vox Mundi. “We are confident that this will continue to foster the development of a stronger local talent pool to pull from, with many new and diverse voices to share with the entire dubbing market in Brazil. This will help us all to cast a wider range of actors in the projects we work on.”

The VSI Group overall has been reflecting the focus on diversity and inclusion in the industry by taking part in similar initiatives to broaden participation in its other global territories through partnerships and training workshops. Helping to establish a more diverse talent pool can only be positive for quality, representation and authenticity in global entertainment content.