VSI wins six Entertainment Globalization Association Hermes Awards 

We are thrilled to have won six awards for our localised versions at the 2024 Entertainment Globalization Association’s Hermes Awards. We are immensely proud of our teams’ passion and dedication as they help take our clients’ content global.  

The Hermes Awards, hosted in Los Angeles on 11 April as part of the CON-LO-CON conference, celebrates the unique art of global storytelling and is the first peer-reviewed awards program in the localisation industry. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. 

Find out more about our winning projects below! 


Winner of Best Dub Audio Mixing for a Series 

Prime Video - Luden

Inspired by true events, Luden portrays the rise of the Nutella Gang in Hamburg’s legendary Reeperbahn. For this historical drama, our goal was to ensure the unique sounds and characters of the infamous 1980s Reeperbahn were captured in the UK English version. This led to the team employing several techniques and creative tactics to mimic an immersive experience, along with meticulous casting with a variety of accents, incorporating older street slang and a range of LGBTQIA+ characters. 

Click here to watch the trailer for Luden. 

Winner of Best Overall Dubbing for an Animation 

Sony Pictures -  Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

The priority for the dub was to maintain the original dynamic quality for Latin American audiences. To ensure this was achieved, we assembled a team of 24 dubbing stars across the region, yielding fantastic results. Despite posing various logistical challenges, such as orchestrating schedules, studios and remote recordings, the collaboration paved the way for the animation’s success for Latin American Spanish-speaking audiences, ensuring the story and dynamic performance were as impactful as the original.

...And also won Best Voice Performance for an Animated Feature  

Emilio Treviño’s portrayal of the protagonist, Miles Morales (Spider-Man), helped pave the way for the success of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse with Latin American audiences. As Emilio attests, “It’s not about playing the superhero but being the human under the mask…with everything that involves”. A character that consistently connects with the audience, Spider-Man has an increased level of expectation from the audience, and Emilio expertly navigated this throughout his portrayal of this beloved character. 

Click here to watch the trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. 


Winner of Best Overall Dubbing for a Feature 

Netflix - Crypto Boy

The German dub of “Crypto Boy” showcases exceptional skill in navigating a script infused with English, Arabic, Dutch, and youth-driven vernacular and crypto-boy slang. Our experienced team’s dedication shines through, overcoming linguistic challenges and engaging the audience, bringing the characters of two key protagonists, Amir and Omar, to life. It’s a testament to their craftsmanship and ability to transcend language barriers. 

Click here to watch the trailer for Crypto Boy. 

Winner of Best Voice Performance for a Television Series

HBO - Jérémy Bardeau, Succession (Season 4) 

Having dubbed the enigmatic character of Kendall Roy in previous seasons, the stage was set for Jérémy Bardeau to close the season finale of the award-winning series, Succession. A leading French dubbing actor with 20+ years’ experience, we were continually struck by how Jérémy modulated his performance between a neurotic narcissist and ambitious manipulator, capturing the essence of the character whilst also regularly recording alongside his fellow characters, capturing the tight interplay of the Roy siblings. 

Click here to watch the trailer for Succession (Season 4). 


Winner of Best Voice Performance for an Animated Series

Netflix - Adam Rhys Dee in This World Can’t Tear Me Down 

As the main character and narrator in the series, Adam was tasked with voicing over 100 characters, from children to the elderly. A versatile actor with 20+ years of experience, Adam’s portrayal of Zero for English-speaking audiences was incredible, as he brought to life the variety of characters by employing a range of accents and speech pattern variations, whilst also maintaining the right comedic tone, ensuring the original Roman dialect humour wasn’t lost on English-speaking audiences. 

Click here to watch the trailer for This World Can’t Tear Me Down. 

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