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An iconic studio, with a history of excellence

VSI’s facility in Budapest, more widely known as Mafilm Audio, joined the VSI Group in 2012. Mafilm Audio is the longest-established sound studio in Hungary and one of the most prominent in the entire CEE region. Originally part of the state film studios, dating back to 1948, we continue to be the leading dubbing facility in Hungary and cherish our illustrious history.

We dub and mix numerous theatrical and home entertainment releases each year and offer subtitling for all media, including DCP. Our client portfolio ranges from local and international TV channels and OTT platforms to multinational distributors and major film studios.

Our audio post work includes Oscar-winning movies, such as Son of Saul, which also won a prestigious Golden Reel award for Best Sound Editing in a Foreign Language Feature Film. With our cutting-edge studio facilities, we continually adapt to the most recent developments in technology, and offer a perfect solution for centralised mixing in multiple languages for both theatrical and TV, taking advantage of our exceptional experience and skill in this, combined with the competitive cost base in Hungary.

Our strength lies in our people. With a large pool of highly skilled translators, adaptors, editors, voice talent and Hungary’s best dubbing directors, we aim to consistently deliver outstanding quality. Let us help to support you with your localisation needs.

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Exceptional dubbing goes unnoticed. It’s an art. An exercise in precision. A creative and technical challenge that can make or break a project in any market. And it’s a challenge we relish.

Audio Post-Production

Seeing isn’t the only way of believing: great sound can move people in ways that no other format can match. It’s an art that we've been perfecting for over 32 years.


Telling a story in a new language is a difficult task, especially if it’s in the form of subtitles. There’s a lot to consider: accuracy, timing, relevance and emotion. For us, it’s business as usual.

Our studios

We currently house 6 recording rooms, a Dolby-licensed theatrical mixing studio and a separate foley suite.

Our people

We are a team of experienced and collaborative professionals, with particular experience in theatrical dubbing and mixing. They are an important part of our business, providing invaluable ideas, delivering quality services, and earning the trust of our clients. Reach out to set up a meeting, and get to know us better.

Join our team

We always keep an eye out for talented professionals with the potential to contribute their skills and expertise to growing the company. If you are interested in the dynamic world of language services, welcome new challenges and are a team player, then consider joining our team.

VSI Budapest

Róna u. 174 
Hungary 1145 

T: +361 469-20-30