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Over the past 30 years, we have established a large pool of trusted and vetted freelance talent and partners around the globe. If you would like to become part of our database of creative talent including translators, subtitlers, voice-over artists and more take a look below. We are always looking to welcome new talent to meet the demand of our clients and to fit each brief, subject matter or brand that we work with.

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Voice-over artists with home studios

If you are an experienced voice-over artist/actor/broadcaster with a home studio here in the UK, we would like to hear from you. All languages will be considered, but currently we are particularly interested in EU Portuguese, Korean, Nordic languages (Swedish, Finnish and Danish), East European languages (Czech and Serbian) and particular accents (Swiss French, Swiss German, Austrian German, Syrian Arabic, etc).

We are also interested in children’s voices, and dubbing and singing experience is a plus.

Please send your MP3 voice demos and CV to and include VO ARTIST WITH HOME STUDIO in the subject line. 

Voice-over artists

If you are an experienced voice-over artist/actor/broadcaster with a foreign-language mother tongue, we would like to hear from you. All languages will be considered and we are also interested in English with US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Caribbean and South African accents.  

Please share any relevant MP3 voice demos when applying.

Freelance translators

We work in all commercial language combinations, including non-Latin scripts. We are especially interested in freelance translators and proof-readers with experience in the following sectors: Entertainment, Gaming, Luxury Goods, IT, Telecommunications, Engineering, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Finance & Banking, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and more.

Dubbing actors

We are looking for freelance actors of all ages and with different levels of experience to work on exciting live action and animation lip-sync dubbing projects for series and features, to be recorded into UK English. Applicants should have previous experience in lip-sync dubbing and/or ADR, be native speaker level in British English and have strong acting skills. The knowledge and ability to record in different accents would be a bonus, as well as speaking other languages.

Dubbing directors

We are looking for freelance dubbing directors to work on exciting live action and animation series and features, overseeing dubbing recordings in UK English, contributing to the casting process by suggesting and approving voice talents, and providing on-the-spot innovative solutions to lip-sync script adaptation challenges. This is a great opportunity for creative individuals to help shape an interesting growing trend in the localisation market, bringing high quality foreign content to UK audiences in their own language whilst maintaining the editorial integrity of the original.

Dubbing script adapters

VSI is looking for freelance dubbing script adapters to work on exciting live action and animation series and features. Successful candidates will have proven experience in lip-sync script adaptation. Dubbing direction skills and fluency in one/multiple foreign languages would be a distinct advantage. Knowledge of VoiceQ software would be a bonus.

Interested in working with VSI?

Please complete the freelancer section of our contact form for our consideration. Successful applicants will be contacted by a member of our team.