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VSI’s signature level of service and value – this is what you can come to expect and depend on, each and every time you work with us.

In 2004, the VSI Group expanded its operations with brand-new owned facilities in Rome and, later, Milan, covering the two key dubbing hubs for the Italian market. Located in the centre of both cities, our dedicated teams localise content that resonates with Italian audiences, from films and TV series to documentaries and animation. Although widely recognised for our prestigious dubbing capabilities, we also provide several other multilingual localisation services.

Our teams’ tireless work ethic and innovative problem-solving skills are attributed to years of industry experience. This is what make us unique to our clients, with whom we’ve maintained long-standing relationships based on mutual trust and collaboration.

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Our services

Our team has a broad range of skills and expertise, supported by our core specialities in dubbing, subtitling and access services. We're here to help you, whatever your language needs may be.


Exceptional dubbing goes unnoticed. It’s an art. An exercise in precision. A creative and technical challenge that can make or break a project in any market. And it’s a challenge we relish.

Access services

We don’t all experience entertainment the same way: over 2 billion people are hearing or visually impaired. We make every moment meaningful – for everyone.


Telling a story in a new language is a difficult task, especially if it’s in the form of subtitles. There’s a lot to consider: accuracy, timing, relevance and emotion. For us, it’s business as usual.

Our clients


Our studios

VSI Rome houses 5 state-of-the-art recording and 2 mixing studios, with another 4 recording and 1 additional mixing room stationed in Milan. All are equipped with the latest high-spec hardware and software, and we operate with the highest IT security standards.

Our people

At VSI Rome and VSI Milan, talent and skill abound. Our Italian teams embody a powerful combination of cultures, languages, knowledge and expertise. Their passion for the audio-visual sector is reflected in their day-to-day activities in the workplace and through their interactions with our clients. Together, we deliver effective outcomes that will strengthen your business. 

Join our team

Every so often, we search for up-and-coming professionals and industry experts to join our team. If your core values are aligned with ours, with a focus on quality work, customer satisfaction and a global outlook, then consider working with us.

VSI Rome

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