Flame Catchers: inspiring the next generation


About the client

Whisper Films creates exciting, quality content for worldwide audiences that tells a story, inspires and engages attention. Focusing on sports, live events, non-scripted and high-end branded entertainment, they are relentless in their quest to entertain current consumers, while always looking to bring new audiences to the table. As the world of sport eagerly watched the Paralympic Games, we were excited to have played a part in bringing the history of the Winter Olympics to life.

Following on from the success of the Winter Olympics, the Paralympic Games and the world of sports entertainment shone a spotlight on PyeongChang back in March.

With the official opening ceremony having taken place just a few weeks after the Winter Olympics, the Paralympic Games continued the theme of dedication and excellence. Hosted in South Korea and covering the performance of hundreds of athletes, the Games reflected the values of courage and resilience seen in the participants.

In comparison to the 2014 Sochi Paralympics, hosted in Russia, the number of competitors in the Games increased from 539 to 670, indicating that attitudes around the event are becoming more positive, with each Games inspiring the next generation. As a consequence, topics surrounding PyeongChang were in high demand, and the VSI team was eager to help bring the conversation and the history of hosting countries to diverse audiences.

The project

Subtitling and SDH Subtitling


We were pleased when Whisper Films, a long-standing client of VSI, approached us with a request to provide English viewing and SDH (hard-of-hearing) subtitles for Flame Catchers, a series of short films they had produced. The films centre around the long-lasting, positive effects that hosting Olympic Games has on future generations.

Our approach

The VSI London team got to work straight away. We were sent a total of twenty films, all of which required English and SDH subtitles, within a short turnaround that only the most experienced subtitlers could meet. 

Ensuring that the subtitles were timed accurately to a comfortable reading speed was of paramount importance. Staying true to the fast-paced style of the sporting films, the dialogue was edited down, where necessary, with the subtitles timed precisely around the various shot changes to create a pleasant viewing experience.

When it came to the final proofreading stage, the team was, as always, extremely vigilant, guaranteeing that the subtitles passed VSI’s numerous quality-control checks.

VSI London utilised its extensive database of qualified subtitlers, and planned the project with sufficient contingency to ensure all materials were delivered on time.



As the world of sport eagerly watched the Games, we were excited to have played a part in bringing the history of the Winter Olympics to life.