Reopening of VSI studios in North America

With all VSI facilities throughout the EMEA region having resumed in-studio recordings since the early May, we are pleased to now be welcoming back staff in the US with the recent reopening of our LA facilities.
Strict safety precautions have been introduced at the location, with expert guidance from health professionals and industry experts, to establish a secure working environment for both staff and talent attending our studios. We have also received approval from SAG (Screen Actors Guild) to bring talent back for in-studio recording sessions, allowing us once again to achieve the highest possible quality.
With our studio staff now working on-site full-time, recordings of our voice-over and dubbing projects are once again centralised in-house. In line with public health guidance however, we are maintaining remote working arrangements for our wider project management teams. 
With all other VSI studios worldwide once again recording in-house, only VSI Civisa in Buenos Aires still remains subject to a government-mandated lockdown, though our local teams there continue to successfully record a high volume of content remotely.
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