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Ukranian Subtitlers

VSI is looking for experienced Ukranian subtitlers matching the below criteria:

  • Profound understanding of the source language, including idioms and jargon.
  • ​Native speaker of the target language
  • ​An excellent knowledge of grammar, spelling and punctuation and ongoing engagement with the living language. Cultural sensitivity and extensive understanding of terminological/cultural nuances.
  • Knowledge of subtitling conventions, e.g. condensing, rephrasing, ability to work within reading speed limits, readability, formatting and character limits. Ability to adhere to technical as well as style guidelines and meticulous attention to detail. 
  • Must be capable of creating and amending timing of subtitles. Should be able to both understand subtitle timing best practices and be able to modify the template timing. 
  • Excellent stylistic/writing skills in the target language, especially in the field of dialogue writing. Ability to self review and edit.
  • Must be tech-savvy, quick at adopting new tools and technologies.
  • A sound knowledge of a subtitling software, e.g. EZTitles, Spot, WinCaps, Swift.
  • Proactive and self-sufficient. Actively researching terms and content as well as instructions, guidelines, and best practices. Escalate questions and issues when necessary.
  • Awareness about the impact of subtitles on the audience’s enjoyment of the content.
  • Proven record of working in a translation field for at least seven years and subtitling in the home entertainment, broadcast, theatrical and/or streaming space for a minimum of three years

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