VSI hires Mark Howorth as CEO

The VSI Group, a leading provider of media localisation, announced today that Mark Howorth will join the company as its Group CEO. VSI Founder and current CEO, Norman Dawood will change his role to Chairman. Mark Howorth was formerly the CEO of SDI Media and the President of Iyuno-SDI Group. 

VSI has global capabilities in dubbing, subtitling and other related services, with 27 facilities in 25 countries, and is a vendor to most of the largest content producers and platforms. VSI was established by Norman Dawood over 30 years ago and now has over 650+ employees supporting a large network of freelance translators and voice talent. 

In recent years, VSI has made significant expansions in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Los Angeles. Growth of capacity, new facilities and new services are very much in their strategic roadmap. The growth of streaming services has increased the appetite for high quality media localisation and there continues to be pressure on the supply chain due to shorter release windows for content.