Content security preparedness: supporting the growth of media localisation

VSI’s COO, Cornelia Al-Khaled, caught up with TPN’s Program Manager, Melody Giambastiani, to discuss the growing requirements of content security when working on media localisation and how TPN’s framework has helped to bolster our security standards. This conversation helped shape TPN’s latest article, featured in MultiLingual. Take a look below, or view the full article here

The spotlight for content security is typically shone on the major studios, yet it plays an equally important role for all individuals and organisations along the entire media and entertainment supply chain. While content security preparedness used to be a side conversation or purely reactive on a case-by-case basis, my weekly discussions with industry peers show that cyber security and resilience are becoming even more prioritised. It’s now becoming a mindset, especially since it concerns one of our most valuable pieces of intellectual property and assets in the media and entertainment industry: our content.