Refinery29: overcoming language barriers to spark real conversation


About the client

VSI had the opportunity to work with the popular global media company, Refinery29. Founded in 2005 as a fashion-focused guide to New York City, Refinery29 has since grown to an audience of 550 million people across all platforms, with a mission to inspire, entertain, and empower women through inclusive stories, original video programming, social shareable content and award-winning live experiences.

The project


German, French, Spanish and Italian

In a recent collaboration with Braun, they produced a short film highlighting the ways in which Braun’s products have helped women of diverse backgrounds feel their best. The video featured three individuals: a transgender journalist and activist, a model and a beauty editor who suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). They each discuss the real reasons why hair removal is important to them.

Our approach

Refinery29 engaged VSI to create multi-language subtitles for a Braun product campaign. When they initially approached VSI to subtitle their film into German, they advised that this project would need to be turned around relatively quickly in order to meet their final deadlines. After a few days, they also needed subtitles in French, Spanish, and Italian, tasks that VSI was more than happy to fulfil. 

With the help of our expert in-house and freelance translators, as well as the highly skilled Technical Services team that edited and compiled the final video clips, the project was completed within a week – from the initial request through to final delivery, much to the satisfaction of the client. As with every project VSI takes on, quality and timeliness were of the utmost importance. 


The subtitled films were broadcast on Refinery29’s UK and German websites, as well as popular social media channels in both languages. 

The VSI team enjoyed working on this project and looks forward to working with Refinery29 in the future, to continue to support the accessibility of their original, diverse and thought-provoking content worldwide.