VSI Paris awarded Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Studio certification

DOLBY awards the first “Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Studio” certification in France to VSI Paris-Chinkel S.A. for audio editing and mixing. They join a growing list of VSI locations – including Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid and Los Angeles, offering the latest Dolby Atmos technology. 

VSI Paris-Chinkel S.A. is a dubbing and subtitling company recognised for high-quality French adaptations of audiovisual content. Founded in 1996, it is one of the leading players in the French post-production market, with nineteen studios in Paris and Belgium dedicated to broadcast, cinema and sound post-production, and is part of the VSI Group worldwide dubbing studios.

In order to deliver audio content in all formats for the audiovisual industry and offer the end consumer an even more immersive experience, VSI Paris-Chinkel S.A. has now been awarded a Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment certification for one of its studios.

"Dolby Atmos is an essential audio technology for players in the world of sound and image. Having already had the Dolby badge for theatrical audio post-production, we wanted to broaden our know-how and be able to deliver to our TV and VOD customers in all audio formats,” explains Sammy Dessaint, President of VSI Paris Chinkel S.A. “It therefore seemed obvious to us to continue our momentum and submit our application to Dolby to obtain a Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment certification. I feel that this technical choice is in line with the demand we have seen from viewers and our customers. We are proud to receive this certification for our broadcast studio and to be able to offer the best to our customers and the general public."

The objective of this certification programme is to provide a mark of technical excellence recognised by the industry for the creation of Dolby Atmos content in the entertainment world. It provides partners with consulting services and a certification on room configuration and acoustics, speaker positioning and electroacoustic performance, mixing equipment and Dolby Atmos rendering solutions. All these factors guarantee an ideal configuration of the room for optimal performance.

The main advantages are:

  • Commissioning of Dolby solutions by a Dolby engineer
  • Technical support and continuous training
  • Registration on the Dolby.com site as a Dolby Atmos-certified mixing studio
  • The use of the Dolby brand
  • The presentation of a Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Studio certification wall plaque and certificate

"We are delighted to deliver this first certification on French territory to VSI Paris Chinkel S.A." explains Dominique Schmit at Dolby Laboratories. “This company is one of the state-of-the-art studios in France and has technologically advanced and sophisticated infrastructures. The award of our Dolby Atmos certification confirms that these infrastructures meet all of our requirements, integrate our Dolby Atmos solutions and products; it also underlines their professionalism. We are sure that the Dolby Atmos certification will improve the technical and artistic quality of the localised versions they deliver.