VSI Group opens major new LA facility

The VSI Group has announced the expansion of its North American operations with the construction of a second, larger facility located on the same street as the original VSI Los Angeles studio in Sherman Oaks.

The new, custom-built site has high ceilings and an industrial vibe, and is connected to the original facility via dark fibre for optimal efficiency. VSI Los Angeles now features a total of 7 recording/mixing studios, of which 3 are equipped for near-field Dolby Atmos Home. All rooms are interconnected and able to relay audio over an IP. With the most advanced technology and security measures in place, the site meets the most stringent standards, which are afforded to all of VSI’s clients.

Undeterred by the Covid-19 crisis, throughout which we have maintained business continuity with a combination of on-site and remote recording, our new LA facility is a mark of our confidence that in-studio recording continues to be the optimum solution for quality dubbing. Covid-19-related health measures at this spacious facility provide a safe working environment for all.

Conveniently situated in Sherman Oaks, the standalone, highly-secured building will serve as the company’s main hub for its North American market. This ideal location boasts ample parking and is near the intersection of three freeways, providing easy access to clients and voice talent alike. VSI’s original LA facility, now renamed Oxnard West, will continue to provide extra support to the team’s dubbing, mixing, voice-over, subtitling and other post-production services for its VOD, broadcast and corporate clients.

Alex Weiser, VSI Los Angeles, General Manager commented:

“We are thrilled to have opened an additional, larger facility in LA, having pioneered the production of high-quality, US English dubs of prominent, live-action content for the past three years. The new facility complements the original one and is in line with the rest of the VSI Group’s first-class facilities worldwide, in terms of production value, structure, technology and security. It enables our multi-skilled team to deliver the best quality and it’s also future-proof, allowing for further expansion as we roll out new services.”

Norman Dawood, VSI Group CEO, commented:

“This exciting new addition to the VSI Group’s global infrastructure will allow VSI LA to better serve the US market, offering increased capacity and a growing number of services, as the company continues to expand its operations in the Americas. Beautifully designed, and meeting the highest acoustic and technical specifications, the facility is comparable to VSI’s other flagship studios in cities such as London, Paris and Berlin. VSI LA has already made an outstanding contribution to the success of foreign-language, original content in English-speaking markets by setting the standard for quality in English dubbing, thereby helping its clients to capture a sizeable new audience.”