A transformative day at the Training School for the Blind, Guide Dog I.A.P.

Have you ever considered how different your day-to-day experiences would be if you were visually impaired? Our Mexico City-based Managing Director, Alejandra Valdez, wanted to ensure her team would better understand exactly that.

It wasn’t a typical day at the studios. The team were on their way to Escuela para Entrenamiento de Perros Guía para Ciegos I.A.P. to spend the day immersing themselves in activities, replicating walking, eating and communicating when blind or with limited vision. Interacting with guide dogs. Learning the basics of braille. Undertaking daily tasks they usually wouldn’t think twice about. Their aim? To increase their understanding – building a stronger knowledge of regulations and codes of conduct – in support of furthering the inclusion of this community when it comes to entertainment.