VSI: helping to change the face of HIV


About the client

Hilow Films is a production company that was founded in 2014. Some of their recent work includes 'Shogun', a documentary commissioned as part of Idris Elba's BBC3 take-over; 'The Hardest Word', which won a gold YDA award at Cannes; and a documentary made for The Royal British Legion in aid of their Poppy Appeal Campaign.


The project

Translation and Voice-over

German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian

34 million people around the world are currently living with HIV and AIDs. The treatment and prevention of the disease is a massive global challenge, so the VSI London team jumped at the opportunity to work on a project that directly challenges the stigma surrounding HIV.

Coinciding with National HIV Testing Week, a nationwide campaign was launched to educate individuals worldwide about the number of people who are living with HIV, how treatment has helped them live their lives and to talk about their status with friends and family.

Our approach

The VSI Group is proud to continue its work on socially responsible projects, having localised such content as The Fight to Save the Rainforest and The Equator Initiative. The London voice-over team was thrilled to work with longstanding client Hilow Films on such a positive and innovative campaign.

The ultimate goal of the #LiVeLife campaign is to encourage individuals to do exactly that, live their life.  In order to do so, the London team provided translations and voice-overs from English into German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

With such an extensive selection of voice artists on our books, it didn’t take long to find the exact match that Hilow were looking for, and then it was on to the recordings. In order to guarantee linguistic perfection, a language director was present throughout the sessions, and the deadline for AIDS awareness week was met with plenty of time to spare.


“It was extremely exciting to offer our services for such an important campaign. Everyone involved in the project was truly committed to helping the client achieve their expectations for the campaign. I look forward to working with Hilow Films again in the near future”.

- Nicole Florida, VSI Project Manager, Voice-Over