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Established in 2001, VSI set up its facility in Tel Aviv following a need for high-quality Hebrew subtitling services for broadcasters such as the BBC and Turner. Today, we are one of Israel’s most active producers of film and TV subtitles, specialising in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.

Our Israel team, made up of individuals with a personal passion for film, services a wide range of clients from the VOD, broadcast, and corporate sectors. Our portfolio of work includes launching several high-profile channels for various international broadcasters.

While there is no exact science to the art of subtitling, we have become well known for our uncompromising attitude to quality, producing creatively written subtitles that accurately convey the meaning and spirit of your content.


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Our services

With 20 years of industry experience, let us be your go-to provider for Hebrew localisation. Whether it’s film, TV, streaming content or general text translation, we specialise in client satisfaction.


Telling a story in a new language is a difficult task, especially if it’s in the form of subtitles. There’s a lot to consider: accuracy, timing, relevance and emotion. For us, it’s business as usual.


The best translations sound authentic – as if they were first written in that language. The secret is a deep appreciation for local culture. And we know how far that can take you.

Our people

VSI Tel Aviv hires only the best linguists in the industry. We are incredibly passionate about what we do, and strive to make a difference to the quality of your business.

Join our team

As our business grows, we continually keep a lookout for both emerging and experienced professionals who’d like to join our team. If you are a lover of languages and want your work to have a global impact, consider becoming a part of VSI Tel Aviv.

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