VSI at MESA ITS: Localisation!

Mark Howorth will be sharing his thoughts on why it’s the best time to be in localisation during the closing keynote at MESA ITS: Localisation on February 28th in London.

Closing Keynote

Running Back into the Fire – Why would someone return to the localisation industry now?

Our market involves some challenging conditions that would scare most normal people away. The customers want lower prices, higher quality and faster turnarounds. Talent, translators and project managers are in short supply and are looking for higher wages. No one knows if the streaming boom is over, or whether localisation growth will continue. Esoteric terms like AI, Voice Synthesis, NMT and ChatGPT are filling everyday conversations. And all the vendors are building new capacity.

There must be an easier way to make a living. Mark Howorth, former CEO of SDI Media, and President of Iyuno-SDI has returned to the localisation industry as CEO of VSI and he explains why this is the BEST time to be in our industry and why we should all be excited by the next five years.