National Geographic: VSI Berlin embarks on a journey to the unknown


About the client

National Geographic has been awakening the explorer in all of us for 131 years through ground-breaking storytelling from the best scientists, explorers, photographers and filmmakers in the world. They offer their audience immersive experiences across a portfolio of media assets: television channels, magazines, books, video, events, and digital and social platforms.

The project

Dubbing, Voice-over and Subtitling


Once again, National Geographic has succeeded in broadening its viewers’ horizons with a breath-taking mini-series. MARS, which premiered on National Geographic, is an intriguing mix of fact and fiction based on the first manned journey to the Red Planet.

Our approach

VSI Berlin is delighted to be part of this monumental project. By creating the German version - a mix of lip-sync dubbing, voice-over and subtitles - VSI is able to contribute its full spectrum of services and knowledge by creating a perfectly-attuned language version.

Our in-house teams are thrilled to be part of this new and challenging format: a hybrid series of mixed genres, with in-depth interviews of space experts, such as SpaceX’s Elon Musk and astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, on the one hand, and a thrilling fictional story about the first manned Mars mission, on the other.


In this visionary series, National Geographic gives insight into the scope of a journey of such magnitude, as well as a realistic outlook of requirements to not only set foot, but actually set up a habitable environment on Planet Mars. VSI Berlin is proud to support National Geographic and the entire production crew on this outstanding mission.