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Dubbing Script Adapter (Freelance)

We are looking for a Dubbing Script Adapter to join our pool of freelance writers who produce comprehensive scripts for film and TV English dubbing projects from a variety of original languages and clients. A background including experience in professional creative writing with prior work in script adaptation for English dubbing is desired.

You will be part of a dedicated team delivering dubbing, subtitling, voice-over and translation projects in multiple languages and formats.

This is a freelance opportunity.

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About the role: 

  • Writing English dub adaptations for live action and animated film, television, and streaming productions from a wide range of original languages and clients. This task includes:
    • Taking translated materials and finding creative ways to rewrite dialogue to meet a high standard of characterization, naturalism, readability, and on-screen lip sync without sacrificing original meaning and intention.
    • Delivering a comprehensive final script, making sure to spot any missing lines, reactions, breaths, Walla (crowd) cues, etc. to facilitate the ease of recording in-studio.
  • Performing adaptation fixes and quality checks, as well as script conforms as needed

About you

  • Native fluency in English
    • Knowledge of other languages is desired but not necessary. You will be working with materials that have already been translated into English for localization.
  • A creative writing background with an emphasis on crafting natural dialogue
  • Previous experience in the dubbing industry
  • An analytical mindset and meticulous attention to detail
  • A sharp eye for lip sync and ear for spoken rhythm
  • Strong computer literacy (PC and Mac)
    • Microsoft 365 (Excel, Word), Google Drive, database software, etc.
  • Working knowledge of the dub scripting tool VoiceQ Writer for Mac OS
  • The ability to work independently with excellent organizational and time management skills
  • The ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills to enable effective creative collaboration with directors and dubbing producers

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